Tameron has been an invaluable resource and makes tax, which is seldom an enjoyable event, easy, understandable and a pleasant interaction. She’s a true professional.

Sandra Ball

Goodness, you make this so easy Tameron, thank you.

Ashley Blunt

Tameron has masterfully helped me get my US tax affairs in shape and I would thoroughly recommend her and her team. She provides a reassuring depth of knowledge but delivers it in a personable and patient manner, and does whatever she can to take the pain out of all the taxation bureaucracy.

Adam Dixon

I contacted Tameron after being confused and overwhelmed about expat tax matters after moving to the UK from the US. She clearly and patiently explained things to me and helped me quickly complete my UK and US returns. She made the process as painless as possible, which is saying a lot. I’m much more confident about the processes now after she answered so many of my endless questions.

Christina Williams

Tameron has done US tax work for my non-US company and myself for the past two years. My fairly complex tax requirements have been efficiently handled by her team. I most value that Tameron responds to my emails and calls as though I’m her only customer. She’s a joy to work with.

Chad Johnson

Just one call with Tameron and knew exactly what I needed to do. She made the process clearer and alleviated my concerns about tax issues around being a US citizen living in Australia.

Brad Renshaw

Tameron is a very knowledgeable and proactive advisor who always looks at issues “in the round” to provide the most helpful and practical guidance in each situation. She works with integrity and is consistently able to steer a clear route through complex matters of international tax law, reporting and filing procedures. I have complete confidence in Tameron and recommend her services unreservedly.

Sharon King

I highly recommend Tameron for US tax work. Made a very confusing and complicated process simple. Thank you AmTax.

Karen Davis