Tameron started her career in tax, joining Arthur Anderson in Melbourne after graduating from university in 2000.

Tameron has spent over 20 years providing US tax services to individuals living and working outside of the US and those who have an international flavour to their tax affairs.

In 2003 she embarked on a journey to the UK to work and travel around Europe. This trip would allow Tameron to obtain extensive knowledge and experience in US taxes for individuals living outside of the US.

Working with EY and mid-tier firms in the UK for over 13 years, Tameron returned to Australia in 2016 to set up AmTax. With the vision to offer an affordable, bespoke US tax service to Americans living in Australia, Tameron works hard to provide her clients with a personal touch.

Having worked in Australia and the UK, Tameron has also built up an extensive US services provider network worldwide, enabling her to access a wide range of tax, legal, investment, and immigration solutions for Americans living outside of the US.

Tameron is an IRS Enrolled Agent qualifying in 2004.