Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures

The IRS Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures could be your ticket to bring your US tax

Giving up your US Citizenship

Many clients approach us having made the decision or considering giving up their US citizenship.

Report of Foreign Bank Account

In addition to filing US tax returns and related information forms, a US person may

Relief Procedures for Certain Former Citizens

In 2019 the IRS released a new Procedure for certain persons who have relinquished, or

What is a PFIC?

A PFIC is a passive foreign investment company. The tax rules relating to PFICs were

US Citizens Living Overseas May Be Required to File US Taxes

The US is one of the few countries to tax their citizens not on their

US Citizens and Green Card holders in Australia

US citizens are taxed on their world-wide income regardless of where they live. The tax